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Facing the Consequences Drives Home Learning

Drive Alive’s One Simple Decision driving simulator allows students to experience first-hand the dangers and consequences of distracted and impaired driving through interactions with real law officers, judges, ER personnel and doctors. The program consists of simulation drives, first-person consequence videos, interactive quizzes, and advice from the experts known as the Reality Check videos.


Changing Behavior is Needed

When it comes to distracted driving, young people are among the most likely to text and talk behind the wheel. One Simple Decision® is designed to prevent destructive driving behaviors among teens and young adults.  Drive Alive’s One Simple Decision driving simulator also tracks driving violations real time displaying them on the screen as they occur. Driving violations captured include speeding, swerving, running stop signs or signal lights, making wrong turns, driving in the bike or center lanes, etc.


Curriculum/Lessons Include:

The distraction sequence features an insistent and young friend nagging you to place a call and/or send a text on his behalf on a simulated phone that pops up on the video screen. Meanwhile, a series of routine driving hazards—a stop sign, crossing traffic, jaywalking pedestrian, runaway dog—seemingly appear out of nowhere. In the "impaired" sequence you may find yourself driving at night on unfamiliar streets, but the steering and brakes have been loosened up, effectively slowing your reaction time to a similar set of hazards

This virtual training system can be used in many circumstances from school assemblies, to back to school nights or a myriad of events. The “experiences” can be done individually so you can have a student use the system anywhere from about 5 minutes for a single distracted drive to about 25 minutes for the entire experience including reality checks and impaired driving.

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