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Huntington County Drive Alive aims to reduce the number of deaths among local teen drivers. This is not just a local problem, of course. It is a national, and in fact a global problem. Drive Alive aims to address the problem locally in two ways.

  1. It provides extra promotional muscle for existing teen-driving-safety programs, coordinating efforts with schools, police agencies, hospitals and others who are already engaged in this life-saving mission. Drive Alive is working with all of these agencies to identify existing programs, to support them with extra promotion and to identify unmet needs.
  2. Drive Alive also assures a year-round emphasis on safe teen driving, because new teen drivers get their licenses every day.Huntington County Coroner Philip Zahm

Our key strategy is to increase the amount of communication between parents and teen drivers. Extensive research suggests that this is the most effective way to help teens avoid deadly crashes, because most teens say that their parents wield the most influence over their driving.

Scientific polling and secondary research were used to develop the strategies and will be used to measure outcomes.

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