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Maybe you’ve seen the billboards. These billboards are meant to be a wake-up call to parents – if you serve alcohol to underage drinkers you will serve time.

Parents exhibit irresponsible behavior when they serve alcohol to teens. Parents who allow teens to drink at home usually believe they are preventing their teen from drinking elsewhere. However, it is extremely unrealistic to believe that the teen will only drink at home. Once you allow your teen to drink, you have condoned it; your teen will now believe it is always okay to drink because you let him. And now you have a very dangerous situation on your hands.

Many times parents that provide alcohol attempt to take the keys from teens or pick designated drivers. However, it is impossible to ensure that no designated driver drinks, or that no drunk teen drives away with a spare key. Many parents don’t realize how fast a party can grow, especially when kids know they can drink there. The moment a teen gets hurt, which will eventually happen, you will have a major lawsuit on your hands and will most likely serve jail time. It is a very serious offense.

Giving your teens alcohol is like giving them a loaded handgun; you’re asking for trouble. By allowing your teen to drink at home you are endangering his life.