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10 reasons to consider a gift to Drive Alive today!

  1. Help parents train young drivers, their risk of dying in a car crash is greater.
  2. You’ll feel good knowing you’ve played a role in helping keep our teens alive.
  3. The campaign recognizes its sponsors publicly, and we offer public relations benefits for businesses that support the campaign. If you are a business that sells products or services to area families, a sponsorship is a great marketing opportunity.
  4. You’ll know that your donation will make a difference. The campaign is measuring its impact with polls, surveys and data to assure that every dollar counts.
  5. You’ll be in good company. Some of the top businesses in Allen, Huntington and Daviess counties are sponsors.
  6. It costs only $10 a year to provide the parents of one teen with the tools and skills to prepare their teen driver for the road ahead. No donation is too small to make a difference!
  7. Every dollar is spent right here at home in Allen County directly on the program to support teens and their parents. This is a local grassroots effort.
  8. Your gift to our 501C-3 charitable organization is fully tax deductible.
  9. There is only one source of funding for this life-saving program – direct contributions from local individuals and businesses – people like you! There are no tax dollars or grants to provide these services. It’s up to you!
  10. Giving is easy: Use the form on this page to donate securely online. Or to mail a donation, print the donation form.